The Molise shows oneself to right, for a short feature, on the Adriatic sea.

Molise is bordered by the Abruzzo to the north-west, by the Lazio to the west, by the Campania to the south, by the Puglia to the south-east. Campobasso and Isernia are the main cities of the Region.

In the Campobasso area, which is the capital of the Region, there are are 84 cities, in the Isernia area there are 52 cities. The shape of the territory is rectangular, for the 55,4% composed by mountains. This zone is formed by the Appennines and the higher mountains are Petroso Hill (2,247 meters) and Miletto Hill (2,050 meters).

Mountains become as sweeter and continuous as you move to Abruzzo: higher tops, in fact, have a medium height of 1.000 - 1,500 meters. The Mouth of Forli, situated on the north, indicates the limit between the centre and the meridional Appennino and it is situated at 998 meters; near Vinchiaturo mountains comes down to 515 meters, just before joining the Molise with the Campania.

The hills are amost nearly to the coast, which is low and lacking in ports. The rivers are little and short. The main ones are the Trigno (84 km.), the Fortore (86 km.), and the Volturno. The last one only slides in Molise for the main part, then it enter in Campania and there meet the sea. We must remember that the Biferno river comes down from the Matese and is an emissary of the Guardialfiera lake. Occhitto lake is an artificial one, generated by an obstruction on the Fortore.

The typical wheather in Molise is continental inside becoming mild in proximity of the coast.

Molise got some proctect areas as well: the region is indeed classified on a national level as protected areas. Protected areas are the National Park of Abruzzi, Lazio and Molise, Bosco Casale, Guardiaregia and the areas of Collemeluccio, Montedimezzo and Pesche.

Main cultivations are those of the cereals, olives and the screw.

The tourism in Molise is present in different ways: Mountain, with Campitello Matese and Capracotta, beach, with Termoli and Campomarino, archaeological, enogastronomico.